Abel Ferreira is our coach

Palmeiras earlier tonight announced the signing of Abel Ferreira, the first ever Portuguese to command the Big Green, on a two-year contract. In an emotional moment with PAOK players and staff, the coach said his goodbyes yesterday, leaving the Greek club he has led since 2019. The two seasons previous to that, the now 41-year-old former fullback enjoyed success at Portuguese Braga, taking the club to never before seen heights.

Four Portuguese colleagues who worked with Ferreira in Greece tag along: assistants Vitor Castanheira and Carlos Martinho, physical trainer João Martins and data cruncher José Magalhães.

Ferreira likes to mix things up, use different tactical formations, have players swap sides. He is also offensively inclined, seeks fast transitions and is not afraid to advance with many men, also as a means to recover possession quickly and preferably high up in the field. He is also hungry, visibly very passionate about the sport.

All this sounds good and should suit the Palmeiras squad and not least supporters. The question is, when will Ferreira have time to implement his style, with games twice a week for months to come? In Brazil, if results don’t show, coaches run serious risk of getting the boot within 6-8 weeks. Imagine today quit the job you like, move your whole life to a new continent, and get sacked before the end of the year? In order to take the challenge on, you need more than confidence. You need hubris. Possibly even a mental condition.

Best of luck, Abel. From the bottom of our hearts.

Avanti Palestra, Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


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  1. Yeah, absolutely!! I hope supporters will also chill a little bit and be patient. We cannot expect much from the press so, the supporters should be the “shield” this time… good luck, Abel!!

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