Palmeiras 1-0 Chapecoense – emotional rollercoaster

credits: Cesar Greco / Ag. Palmeiras

Yesterday evening proved the definitive test to check your heart condition. Palmeiras vs Chapecoense underway, Flamengo suffered the opener in Fortaleza, to the joy of millions of palmeirenses. However, well into the second half, Palmeiras still struggling to open the scorecard, Flamengo initiated the comeback, turning the tables and finishing the round on 61 points.

The second half at the Allianz Parque was tense, very tense. Palmeiras felt the pressure, created numerous opportunities but blew them in amazing style. Three minutes into stoppage time, almost curtains, Weverton making an incredible save on a rare Chapecoense counterattack.

In the very last seconds of the game, Dudu once more took the initiative, drove the ball into the right side of the penalty area, passed it to Bruno Henrique who took the shot, worked the rebound. Eventually, the ball ended up with Felipe Melo who slammed it home, making the Allianz Parque explode in a mixture of anger, joy and hope. Christ almighty.

Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Luan, Gustavo Gómez and Diogo Barbosa; Felipe Melo, Bruno Henrique and Scarpa (Raphael Veiga); Zé Rafael (Willian), Dudu and Deyverson (Henrique Dourado)

Gustavo Gómez received a yellow card.

Green light
Dudu and Felipe Melo. Not only because of the assist and the goal, but they fought hard the whole game and were the reason Palmeiras did not leave the field without the three points. Weverton also deserves a mention; a mere spectator of the game until a spectacular intervention was necessary to save the night.

 Yellow light
Another game against a much weaker team, another game where Palmeiras create plenty of opportunities but convert almost none. Yesterday, Palmeiras fired 26 shots.

Red light
The team is eight points behind the leaders and this cools supporters off, but having just 22 thousand at the Allianz Parque must also be attributed inadequate ticket pricing. A not so attractive game on a Wednesday night, tickets should have been cheaper.

Second red light is spelled Deyverson. Everybody’s had it with this poor excuse of a footballer. Enough, Mano Menezes!

Next challenge
After two “easy” games [sic], Palmeiras have a tough one. On Sunday 20th, the team faces Athletico Paranaense in Curitiba, while Flamengo receive Fluminense at home. Only a victory against the athleticanos keeps the dream of the title alive.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

 – – – ooo – – –
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi & Kristian Bengtson

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