Flamengo 3-0 Palmeiras – crisis installed

It’s a cruel business, football. Once those dark clouds settle, the leaves start rattling, you know it’ll be ugly and painful. In Brazil, you know one thing more: storm building up, there’s no return, not even for a seasoned, thick-skinned, victorious legend like Scolari. The coach always walks the plank – independently if he’s to blame or not, if there’s a suitable replacement or not waiting backstage. This week or next or the one after that: there’s no escape.

Palmeiras got to a flying start yesterday, scoring before the saliva had dried on the ref’s whistle, initiating the game. A few centimetres offside – correctly picked up by the VAR – denied Matheus Fernandes and Palmeiras the celebration. Against the vultures, a victory could/should/would have cleared the skies. Instead, soon enough, punishment, as Gustavo Gómez allowed the opponent’s offensive trio to recover the ball and advance in mortal formation to score the opener. Our men felt it as a ton of bricks. The second came with ease and almost the third, before Palmeiras reacted, Willian this time stuffing the net shortly before halftime, the VAR again stepping in and – once more correctly; a matter of centimetres – disallowing the goal. In the second half, a dubious penalty closed the scorecard, with Palmeiras not ever close to better those numbers.

Thank you, Luiz Felipe Scolari. You have harvested tremendous success with and for Palmeiras and you will always be remember as one of the absolute greats to command our squad.

— ooo —

UPDATE 8:02 PM – Scolari has been sacked.

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