Good bye, worst buy ever

In less than an hour, Wesley’s contract with Palmeiras expires. As the clock strikes midnight, the Verdão can finally leave one of the club’s greatest acquisition fiascos behind. Both player and São Paulo F.C. deny it, but Wesley is joining Kardec over at the enemy’s . Good for him. And potentially good for Palmeiras, if Wesley only creates half as much trouble over there as he did at Palmeiras.

Wesley came at an absurd price tag, brought in by then club president Tirone after a pathetic attempt at crowd funding. Well, Conrado Cacace has done the math and estimates that Wesley – after three years and 103 games in our jersey – cost Palmeiras some US$ 118.000 a game; that number includes transfer fees, fines, interest rent due to unpaid parcels and salaries. The sum would be mind boggling even if talking about an actual ace, someone making all the difference on and off the pitch. But we’re talking Wesley: the unmotivated, rotten and blasé excuse for a professional footballer.

To say that supporters will not miss him is quite the understatement: a website has been up since the beginning of the week, counting down the  days, hours and second to his dismissal.
I would assume Wesley speaks at least some German after having spent a couple of years at Werder Bremen. Well, he’s not getting any “auf wiedersehen” from me: the last thing I want is to see him again.

Off you go.

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