“The damage is irreversible”

Enzo na Allianz.
– Palmeiras are finished.

– No-one respects us.

– Thinking small, acting small, our DNA is raped.

– The damage done is irreversible.

The last two years the few lines above at large reflect the sentiment of a considerable part of Palmeiras supporters. Especially, but not exclusively, those who claim not giving a rat’s ass about administration and finances, only wanting a strong team on the pitch and trophies in the cabinet.  

Palmeirenses go through hell more often than we care to count, the common denominator being one dreadful administration after the other. The last few years have seen Belluzzo’s reckless optimism, Tirone’s muppet show and Nobre’s pig-headed Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality.

Nothing lasts forever. Empires crumble, civilizations disappear, species are extinct. Institutions, idem. We can never treat Palmeiras as eternal if we truly want her to survive the test of time. Nothing comes for free or can be taken for granted. We need directors who understand the responsibility and are ready to respond, personally, for whatever happens to the institution.

While we must always remember ourselves that even a centenary club like Palmeiras can implode (vide recent developments at traditional club Portuguesa), we must never dismiss our greatness, our history and our continuous ability to enchant. Take another look at the picture opening this post. Take a good look at five-year-old Enzo de Martino. Now tell me that Palmeiras are finished and the damage is irreversible.

The other day, Palmeiras’ supporter programme Avanti reached 50.000 members. With the eminent opening of the Allianz Parque, a further surge is expected.

With last Sunday’s important 1-0 away victory against Bahia, the feeling of relief is evident, the threat of relegation almost vanished. Palmeiras should be able to give Atlético some heat this coming Saturday, not least due to the mineiros’ tough game tomorrow against Flamengo in the Brazil Cup (while Palmeiras spend the week resting and training).

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


  1. I agree, we will raise and a new time of better fortune is coming!
    In this time that we had to watch and listening to this anhappy publications, beside the sadness that walked with us, beside the doubts that appears sometimes, deep in our soul, we knew that the the time of redemption would arrive, and the time of change is near, closer than ever!
    Our team should be again one of the best teams in the world.
    “Quebra tudo, VERDÃO!”

    1. I completely agree, Daniel. It’s the dawn of a new era. And much of it is spelled “Allianz Parque”. Our new stadium is our lifeline, the one thing that will help us re-emerge and stand well above all the rest. In a few years’ time… In a few years’ time.

      Cheers, volte sempre!

  2. Calling Palmeiras by her seems a little strange to Portuguese native speakers. But I agree with the content of the text. I am confident that on the next 10 years Palmeiras will lay on this greatness mentioned.

    1. Rafael, SEP is a she also in Portuguese (although a team, indeed, is in the masculine form). But in English you will normally choose between “it” or “she”. These are interchangeable. And as Palmeiras is a love affair, I choose “she”. Cheers!

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