Allianz Parque – shaping up

The judicial dead-lock between Palmeiras and WTorre continues, but, at least, construction on the Allianz Parque proceeds. And as of now, exciting and eye-catching stages will initiate.

Inside the premises, workers are marking the spots where the 43.603 seats will be installed. The first chairs should materialise within a week or two. Hand rails are already in place. Spotlights and floodlights are being positioned.

Meanwhile, a company contracted by WTorre is finishing work on the drainage and irrigation system, with layers of gravel and sand being poured onto the centre of the stadium. In late April, the surface will be receiving grass.

coverThese are all important steps, but supporters will nevertheless primarily notice the installation of the external coating which initiated a few days ago. Plates of stainless steel, with holes to facilitate the circulation of air, can already be noticed by anyone passing by on the Padre Antônio Tomaz street. The whole facade of the stadium will receive the steel plates, with exception of the five “claws” that raise from ground level all the way to the roof: these will receive a different finish and colour scheme, most likely green and white.

43 months ago, WTorre promised handing over the finished stadium within 30 months. The delays, the judicial dead-lock and the current status of completion have made Palmeiras president Paulo Nobre cautiously talk about inauguration only in 2015. Palmeiras are also considering taking legal action against WTorre: the contract stipulates rather hefty fines in case of delays. Might be nothing but a way to tweak up the pressure on WTorre, but it’s nevertheless a valid approach.

In the other corner, WTorre defiantly claims the stadium will be ready by the end of June. If it’s a bluff, it’s a bold one: WTorre is reportedly negotiating with AEG dates for different events at the Allianz Parque for the second half of 2014. Apparently, six events have been pre-booked so far.

Below, courtesy of, an up-to-date mosaic of the construction site.


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