Palmeiras, Adidas, Bayern Munich

Leading sporting goods supplier Adidas, responsible for all of Palmeiras’ match and training gear, has invited Palmeiras to participate in an exchange: coach Kleina was asked which other Adidas-sponsored team, in Europe, he would like to visit. He picked Bayern Munich, current champions of the European Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup. Kleina is keen to learn more about the working methods adopted by Pep Guardiola, as well as the philosophy and overall approach that has boosted German football as a whole in the last few years. In exchange, Kleina will offer insights on the current trends in South American and Brazilian football, as well as working methods at Palmeiras.

Today Gilson Kleina spoke about the offer for the first time, expressing his excitement regarding the opportunity to see the work of the Spaniard up close, even though dates are yet to be decided upon.

“Adidas came to me, said they liked the work being developed here [at Palmeiras]. It will be an exchange of information. I chose Bayern due to German football currently developing different strategies.” the coach explained to a radio station.

Is this happening now because of the centenary, as a little treat? Perhaps. Or it might have been in Adidas’ mind for some time, only now materialising. Or it might be another example of how the Nobre administration, in just one year, has managed to “upgrade” Palmeiras in the eyes of the World. Your pick.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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