Palmeiras finally going global

As part of a recently signed sponsorship agreement with English language school “Minds”, the Palmeiras website will soon feature a full section in English. Not a day too early: the World is globalised and the World Cup is coming up, arousing and multiplying interest for anything Brazil and everything football. Take the signing of Lúcio: within hours of the rumours spreading that he was to leave SPFC to join Palmeiras, a Swedish journalist asked for my comments on the matter.

minds-english-school-logo-primary2The agreement with Minds also includes money to Palmeiras and language training to players and technical staff: a deal worth some US$ 800.000 in total. The Minds logo will feature between the Palmeiras and Adidas logos on the team jersey.

Personally, I’m very pleased with the announcement. Anything Palmeiras was created to fill a void, a void which, if everything works out as intended, now will be substantially reduced. I’ve been told that the growth and impact of Anything Palmeiras did play a part in the decision to format an English section on the club’s official website. Just try wiping the smile off my face.   

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


  1. Congratulations Kristian, with this the comunity will just keep growing stronger and stronger,It´d be great if you managed to form some sort of interaction with this oficial english Palmeiras site.
    You know what would be a Great Idea, if the ‘news’ section of the Palmeiras site would launch the news in both Portuguese and English….

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