What if: Barcos returning to Palmeiras?

Upon returning to Porto Alegre, some of Grêmio’s players were verbally abused by supporters awaiting at the airport, ventilating their anger after Wednesday’s defeat to Corinthians. Barcos was one of the main targets: “Go back to Palmeiras, you Argentine piece of sh*t” echoed in the hall, among other things.

Now, the question is simple:


  1. That’s a tricky question, haha. I really don’t know what to think: when he was our leading striker, he was certainly… different from the others. But I don’t know if today he’d be viewed as the same. Unless all the parts (the Barcos brothers, Brunoro & Nobre, etc) shows the truth, because I heard rumors… that would turn my mind against the former 9.

    Today, basing my opinion on what I heard/read, I wouldn’t like his return, but… I don’t know all the truth and Barcos played really well in 2012. So, unless they put all the cards in the table, I’m staying with Leandro.

    1. I think many might reason the way you do, Gustavo… There are some questionmarks and “hidden agendas” that might have to be put on the table for supporters to feel comfortable with Barcos back at the Verdão.

  2. Must say that he never put Palmeiras in first place, which is ok. We couldn’t expect the same attitude that Marcos – no comparisons indeed – had years ago saying no to other clubs. He was thinking about his career, which is completely acceptable for a professional player. So why crucify him for this? I don’t see the point, really. I would totally accept him back.

  3. I didn´t like the way that Barcos left Palmeiras. It´s the worst negociation that I´ve already heard.
    And Grêmio have an obligation to give a fifth player to Palmeiras yet. So, I think that the return of the Barcos to Palmeiras would be a good thing – the sale would become in loan. I think Barcos had time to learn about his big mistake to change Palmeiras to Grêmio. Here, he had projection and there, his great football disappeared.
    But I really know that this is very difficult to happen. Palmeiras don´t have money to pay his sallary.

  4. He didn’t betray the Palmeiras.
    He wanted to play for his national team, and the Coach told him that if he plays the Série B he would not be called.
    So, Barcos is a good player and everybody knows it, but if Barcos comes to Verdão, will he comes with the same football that he performed in 2012?

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