We’ve decided to be who we are. Sometimes been taught to feel how we feel. Or even been chosen to love how we love. Passionately. Chosen how, I don’t know. But by whom, I do. Palmeiras.

We are what we are. And as glory is ours, so is defeat. Humiliation. Failure. We do good but not good enough. We work hard but not hard enough. We are Palmeiras, Palmeiras are us. Change only comes from within. We haven’t changed fast enough.

As long as there is a shiver of light, we fight. When darkness surrounds us completely, we fight. We’ve been there before. “Where we shouldn’t be”, some say. “No place for giants”, some say. “Where we should be”, I say. Because we deserved no better. And now must again prove our worth. Rise, as before. And hopefully, learn. We haven’t learned fast enough.

Tasting the cane we are. Again. We can’t bounce back fast enough.


  1. The words described in your text are fighting between themselves… “Giant”, “Palmeiras”, “Love”, “Humiliation”, “Glory”, “Failure”. It’s a terrible moment.

    And that’s what hurts even more, very depth! This moment. Back on the past, 98 years ago, the people who created this club with the only clear objective of being a champion. They don’t deserve this moment, Palmeiras don’t deserve it.

    Thirthy seven years from the foundation in 1914, plus a series of achievements, to Palmeiras get where it was supposed to be since then, a full champion, winning the world in 1951. The first champion of a official FIfa world club cup. More forty-nine years, hundreds of achievements and there we were again: The best team of the world, based on the Fifa ranking in 1999. Not enough, one year later and everyone had to accept the fact that, with the beggining of a new century, Palmeiras was the Century Champion till the next one. Printed in every newspaper 12 years ago to everyone read. Palmeiras, the Century Champion!

    That’s why it hurts, about 10 years later and here we are. What have we done? Will we get over it? I’m wondering how are we going to explain to our kids in a near future that the current Century Champion switched from all it’s glories to a colection of humiliation and defeats. I’m 22 years old and because i was too young back there, this “Brazil Cup” 4 months ago was my first experience with Palmeiras winning a big championship. But even with this being my first time i recognized that it wasn’t “Palmeiras”. Not that truly champion that i learned to defend, not only huge but with a clean history, with your rivals well defined. We won on the minimun details, we wasnt the best team. Put it together with all the recently defeats and humiliations of the last few years and anyone can recognize that this isnt Palmeiras. True, we won, but not as champion. At least not how the people who founded this clube planned it to be.

    Of course we all know all this and what it is about. Maybe it’s better stay quiet now, cuse even if we do it… the tears running down our faces would say it. Our big rivals do see what we are passing through and don’t even make fun about it, specially the rivals players. But supporters of small clubs like Coritiba is really hard to tolerate. Their players on the end of the game celebrated the victory like a championship, they were happy for us to sink. And things can get even worse. I don’t have any good hopes to our centenary in 2014. I was afraid about the Brazil World Cup on the same year “hiding” our date, but it may turn out to be better because i’m not sure if we will make it as a giant again and be back at time to our celebration.

    Poor Palmeiras…

      1. Agree to most of the brilliant Palestrino speech, but not in its entirity. In a certain way I understand Choritibas recent & hard rivalry against us for 2 reasons: a) second time in a row they lose the same tournament as home and b) they believe (and I think, serious Palmeirenses too) they were in a better moment than us. That said, I only paraphrase a former boss of mine: “Life is difficult”. Who to blame for the dozen goals missed in Barueri, specially on the first half ? A penalty kick to claim ? so so…
        All in all you’re right, however is hard to us to testify their celebration, I believe they felt like…avenged.

      2. I believe so to, Newton. For Coritiba, winning was important, very important. And in the end, my text was not only a reflection about the game but the whole situation Palmeiars are in. We all need to work harder, learn faster, make that change so Palmeiras can be reborn.

        As always, thanks for your comments, my friend!

  2. Gês, now it is the momento to think and terá to find a way out. Going to the Brazilian B series whiplash chance the team? I do not think so. It happened back in 2002 and to be honest I have not seen any chance whatsoever. Thaís team is managed by amateurs for the lastima 30 years. We are close to our 100th aniversary and it is sad to see how people treat our team. Hope to have happier comments soon. Congratulations, Thaís blog isamazing! Avanti Palestra

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