Palmeiras 4-0 Paraná

The almost two weeks of recovery and training were apparently just what the doctor ordered: Palmeiras showed no mercy and the technical superiority became even more visible after the teams each saw one player sent off in the middle of the first half, leaving more space for the Verdão’s rapid plays originating from Valdivia and especially man of the match Mazinho.

PALMEIRAS: Bruno; Cicinho, Mauricio Ramos, Henrique and Juninho; Márcio Araújo, Marcos Assunção, João Vitor, Valdivia (Patrik/29’2ºH) and Mazinho (Maikon Leite/26’2ºH); Barcos (Román at half time) Coach: Luiz Felipe Scolari.

PARANÁ: Luiz Carlos; Paulo Henrique, André Vinícius, Alex Alves and Fernandinho; Cambará, Douglas Packer, Wellington (Elias/10’2ºH) and Luisinho; Nilson (Hugo/28’2ºH) and Douglas Tanque. Coach: Ricardinho.

Palmeiras’ next opponent are Atlético Paraná, who defeated Cruzeiro in two straight games. The first leg of the quarter-finals will be played this coming Wednesday; later today we’ll know if Palmeiras play he first match home or away.

With the team performing well on the pitch, the club’s directors once again are leaving supporters stock raving mad. More on this in next post.



  1. This palmeiras is becoming a good team, but we have to wait for brasileiro and see what this team have to offert to us.

  2. The Atlético team s a complicated and difficult to overcome. Against Palmeiras they like to play well. But we believe. Thank u for loving a team so far away.


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