Market value of the Brazilian Championship rising fast

A recent study conducted by auditing and consulting company BDO shows that Brazil’s National Championship – the Campeonato Brasileiro – could soon break into the top-five revenue generating leagues in world football.

The Soccerex football business site gives more details on the study, which analysed factors such as media rights, matchday revenue and merchandising sales. The report concludes that Brazil’s top 25 clubs generated US$860 million in revenue in 2011, making the Brasileirão currently rank sixth in the world behind England’s Premier League, Germany’s 1.Bundesliga, Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A and France’s Ligue 1. The Netherlands’ Eredivisie is found at seventh position.

BDO believes the impact of hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014 could see the Campeonato Brasileiro displace Ligue 1 and break into the top-five.  BDO auditor Amir Somoggi stated that Brazil’s domestic league is likely to continue its climb as “while in Europe there are struggles to maintain budgets, Brazil is expanding.”

This is Brazil in a nutshell, if you ask me. Without doing much of an effort or being particularly professional about it, the Brazilian League is booming. Imagine if things were done correctly? And if clubs were managed as they should? The sky would be the limit. Now, why reach for the stars if a minimal effort is enough to satisfy the egos and fill the pockets of a few?


  1. Fully agree with the report’s opinion, and Palmeiras’ US$40M shirt deal is a clear sign of this market growth in Brasil.

    Unfortunately, just like happened in the last years, Palmeiras signed the first kit sponsorship deal of the big 3 São Paulo teams: SPFC is currently out of contract and SCCP’s expiring next April. I’m sure that both will use our deal basis as benchmark for their own deals in order to bargain (and eventually GET) better contracts and conditions. I really like to be always positive, but seems that even when we make such a good move there is always a side effect to annoy us a little – and this extra annoyance is been going on for a couple of years now.


    1. Thiago, I understand the slightly negative tone in your comment: things have not run well for several years. But I still believe that the Kia deal was a good one. And I prefer Palmeiras closing deals up front than waiting, waiting, waiting… And in the end perhaps get something less good anyway. Kia is solid, the brand has a positive feel to it and the logo is unintrusive. These things matter a lot to me. Our sacred jersey must always please the eye. And this one will. Oh, how I wish we could get rid of the horrible BMG comercials on the sleeves…


  2. Just shows the potential of the Brazilian league. It could be one of the best in the world no doubt. Even the best? Why not? That won’t happen while all these corrupt incompetent people are running football in Brazil unfortunately.

    1. One more good thing the Brazilian league has going for it is the fact that it’s much more balanced than most others: any given year any of perhaps 10 teams could win the league without raising eyebrows. This makes it more dynamic and interesting in the long run.

      Become the best in the world? Perhaps. But I’d say it will take a longt time before we get there, if ever.

      Cheers Brian!

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