It’s all enemy territory

Whichever way you look at it, Kleber has had a remarkable drop in productivity ever since the payraise/Flamengo incident. Of course you can argue that so has the whole team, but how do you then explain that Palmeiras have actually performed better without the so-called “Gladiator” on the pitch? Numbers, at least in this case, don’t lie.

Regardless, dirty laundry shouldn’t be washed in public; Kleber’s constant whining is not only getting on everybody’s nerves but also exposes Palmeiras and all the current shortcomings. The squad is not united, there’s clear evidence of disharmony. Seems like our #30 is doing his part to promote his future transfer to god-knows-where – and there goes another skilled player, unable to find and maintain his place at Palmeiras. Of course personality and characters go heavily into the equation, but we shouldn’t enter into denial when contemplating the likes of Vagner Love, Diego Souza and Kleber in addition to coaches like Wanderley Luxemburgo and Muricy Ramalho: they all fall, they all fail at Palmeiras. Coincidence?

Valdivia’s on a thin thread. Scolari? Nobody knows how long he’ll be able to stand his ground if results continue to disappoint. Where does that leave us, where does that leave Palmeiras? Come a point when there’ll be nowhere to run or hide. Come a point when only a profound chock to the system can save us. Either that or the abyss. If we’re not there already, we’re very close; torn apart by political feuds, petty egocentric charlatans and lack of professionalism.

Apparently, a SPFC counsellor once expressed his greatest concern: that the “Italians” would get their act together. If so done, there would be nothing stopping Palmeiras, he feared. We can prove him right, if we all do our part. Fight for democracy and transparency within the club. Become members. Join any of the pro-democratic forces and vote accordingly, changing today’s reality. The dreams of 15 million supporters depend on it.



  1. Good read this Kristian. My humble analysis would be the same as yours. There has been too much politics at Palmeiras for a long time now. I think Big Phil’s patience must be running out. If anybody can deal with it, he can. Your best hope is for him to stay and I like your solution (more democracy and transparency). I think its the only way! Mind you that could be said for a lot of other Brazilian teams….

    1. Sorry for the late reply, saw your comment only today. And yeah, too much politics for way too long. Felipão knew the drill, but would he expect it to be the same as when he steared Palmeiras years back? Change takes to long, but I truly believe it’s around the corner…

      Hope to see you a lot around here. Cheers!

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