Palmeiras 1-1 Bahia / Sala Silver Mine

We know the script well by now. Palmeiras start offensively and create many chances, but are unable to convert. This time however, Valdivia managed to open the scorecard in the beginning of the second half and things were looking better when Bahia equalise through a goal scored from offside position. To make matters worse, Dinei was injured and Valdivia, Thiago Heleno and Gerley are out against SPFC for receiving their third yellow card. Thus, another very disappointing result for the Verdão. Highlights below.



In addition, turbulence on and off the pitch, as usual. False rumours has circulated that director of football Frizzo is seeking to get rid of Scolari, having former SPFC coach Carpegiani in mind. On the other hand, it is true that Palmeiras midfielder Pierre has been sent to Atlético Mineiro on loan. Palmeiras receive nothing in return (expect not having to pay the player’s salary). Not the best deal in the world, if you ask me. We might see striker Ricardo Bueno arriving in return, but nothing  is yet defined.

Considering Palmeiras’ bad spell, it’s bloody nice being on vacation.

— ooo —

Sala Silver Mine is located in the county of Västmanland, Sweden. The mine was in continuous production from the 15th century until 1908. The Sala ore is known for its high silver content – between 0.15% to 1% – the latter being one of the highest contents of silver in galena ever reported; at present days a silver content of 0.01 % is considered enough to exploit commercially.

At the Sala Silver Mine, a total of 5 million tons of rock were mined from which approximately 450 tons of silver and about 35.000 tons of lead were extracted. The maximum depth of the mine is 318 meters and the length of the mine is some 700 metres. For a long period of time it wasSweden’s biggest producer of silver and periodically one ofEurope’s most important producers. Most of the silver extracted was used for coinage.

Since 1988 the mine is owned by the municipality of Sala and functions mostly as a tourist attraction, including as a venue for concerts and other kinds of entertainment. Above ground, the old buildings are used for souvenir shops and museums.

My friend Johan is the manager of the mine and took us on a private tour that ended in what is known as the deepest located hotel in the World: the silver suite of the Sala Silver Mine, no less than 155 meters underground. One truly special place for a honeymoon night, wouldn’t you say? Let me know if you need help with the booking!



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