Palmeiras 5-0 Avaí

Yesterday’s game was marked by two things: the collective performance highlighted by the individual splendour of Kleber, Luan, Marcos Assunção and Cicinho, and São Marcos’ display – once again – of the great man he is on and off the pitch.

Scolari opted for a more offensive line-up against Avaí, who held it together well until the first goal opened up a crack in the shell halfway through first time. As of that point, it was all Luan, Luan, Luan. The man was on fire and found the net twice, receiving well deserved chants of approval from the stands. Also Cicinho was crucial for the result, working his right flank with the same enthusiasm as Luan on his left. With the wingers expanding the field, spaces naturally occurred for Lincoln and Kleber. And it doesn’t take much room for Kleber to do what he does best; the most beautiful goal of yesterday’s round was his.

But more was to come. Lincoln suffered a penalty 25 minutes into the second half. The 12.000 strong crowd at the Canindé stadium started chanting: “Marcos, Marcos, Marcos”, encouraging the legendary keeper, who has never scored a goal in his career, to take the penalty shot. Several Palmeiras players, including Lincoln and Kleber, also urged the Saint to cross the field. But he just stood there, slowly shaking his head. He then glanced toward Felipão, who gave him the negative. In the end, Kleber converted the penalty to close the scorecard at 5-0.

Marcos would never disrespect an opponent. He might score a goal one day, but it would come out of a necessity, a rush for that last minute equaliser or winner resulting from a corner kick. That’s who he is, that’s what he is. Watch the highlights below.



Next is Ceará, a tough opponent. Ceará dominated most of the game against São Paulo, but were unable to convert their many chances into goals and in the end lost 0-2. Palmeiras will play without Luan, who received his third yellow card yesterday. Rivaldo or Gabriel Silva will get a chance replacing our top scorer (!).

After five rounds, Palmeiras is second, four points behind SPFC. So far, Scolari’s goals have been achieved perfectly (winning at home and drawing away from home), rendering 11 out of a maximum 15 points.


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