Internacional 2-2 Palmeiras

Yours truly spent most of the week – including the weekend – in the Xingu Indigenous Park, commemorating its 50th Anniversary together with a multitude of local and original inhabitants of Brazil. The event was a truly spectacular display of authentic and vibrant Indigenous culture, which didn’t stop me from identifying a couple of palmeirenses in the crowd (more on this later).

Reaching the PIX, as this particular Indigenous territory is referred to, is not easy. In my case, 15 hours by bus prior to a 45 minutes in a small, chartered airplane. I spent only two nights in the Kamaiurá village, but the days were scorching hot and the nights, naturally spent in a hammock, icy cold. I then had to face that marvellous plane-bus combo back to Brasilia…

I didn’t feel too well on my return and still don’t. Forgive me my lack of posts; when I get well I’ll give you a summary of last week’s events. For now, enjoy the highlights of Sundays game against Internacional at the Beira-Rio stadium, Porto Alegre. Over and out.



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