Ignorance is bliss

Not all bad news travel fast. And ignorance is bliss. I for one would certainly not have enjoyed Jaipur and Jodhpur half as much had I known about the disastrous result against Goiás. I was even able to dismiss a funny and worrying feeling, although it kept growing stronger for each hour passing.

By the end of the second day, an internet connection became available. All the alarms went off at the sight of Goiás striker Rafael “He-Man” Moura’s picture in a prominent place on the G1 sports section; one glance further down – “worst day of my career, says Big Phil” – was more than enough: I firmly shut the lid on my netbook and on this whole damned decade of lost opportunities for Palmeiras.

It’s day three, and I‘ve recently arrived in Udaipur – nicknamed “the Venice of the East” and by many considered the most romantic city in India. Together with my wife, I intend to experience this to the fullest. There’s plenty of time to think about Palmeiras later. Namaste.

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