Palmeiras 2-0 Internacional

Palmeiras seems to have found the winning formula. Compact and aggressive, with quick passes and pressure applied high up on the pitch, our warriors controlled most of the game against Internacional. Deola had very little work and was seriously tested only once, quite early in the first half. It is true that Inter came without four regular players; still, Palmeiras was clearly superior and undoubtedly gained confidence before Saturday’s game against Santos.

Both Kleber and Tinga had an inspired evening, but the stars of the night were Valdivia and Marcos Assunção. Valdivia is finally back in shape and yesterday combined speed, irreverence, skill and strategic vision into a ferret-like performance. His stamina and determination caused havoc amongst Inters defender, rarely left with enough time to contemplate passing options. El Mago was crucial in the battle for the midfield.

Then there’s Marcos Assunção… Simply the best free kick specialist this season. His accuracy is tremendous, the force of his strike likewise. A deadly combination, even more so with the wet and slippery pitch we had due to the rain. Watch and marvel below.



After this third consecutive win, Palmeiras occupies 8th position with 38 points, 9 points behind Cruzeiro (currently third) with twelve more games to play in the Brasileirão. Palmeiras reaching the Libertadores Cup area still seems unlikely, but the much improved performance of the team renews hope for a positive outcome in the South America Cup.

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