Sonar pings #24

Today Anything Palmeiras brings you some older news mixed up with the latest buzz. It’ll be short and sweet.

AEG today published a press release on their partnership with WTorre/BlueBox: check it out on their official website. As you will notice, Palmeiras aren’t mentioned at all (at best: WTorre and its stakeholders). My educated guess is that AEG knows how to play ball and that this is a direct reply to president Tirone for his absence during yesterday’s event. Congratulations, Mr President: Palmeiras are taking great steps toward glory in spite of your personal efforts.

Between September 2013 and August 2014, Palmeiras’ players will pull on a total of six different jerseys – one new every other month. The marketing campaign has been sealed with Adidas and will highlight important phases of the Club’s 100-year-old history. Better start saving, boys and girls.

A 45 minutes long documentary, suitably named “Primeiro Tempo” (First Half), is to be released on DVD. The film kicks off with the last game taking place at the Palestra Italia, then explores the sentiments of various famous palmeirenses, including the likes of César Maluco, Marcos, Oberdan Cattani, Valdir Joaquim de Moraes, Ademir da Guia and Evair, as the grounds are prepared for the construction of the New Arena. The film was first screened at the Museum of Football in São Paulo, before an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, a few months ago. Watch the trailer below.



Director Rogério Zagallo is currently working on the sequel, “Segundo Tempo”, which will focus on the actual construction of the New Arena. The last scene is already defined: the kick-off at the inaugural game in April 2013.

Our Saint Marcos recently told reporters that he’s contemplating postponing his retirement if his body gives him a thumbs up and he remains motivated. Marcos said he’d play for a minimum wage, just for the pure pleasure of it. “Palmeiras is my true home” he explained, before praising his colleague Deola: “He’s much more prepared at this point to defend our goal, he’s full throttle during training sessions and very well both physically and technically.”

Transparency is key. With this in mind the current directors at Palmeiras decided to go online with the financial statements from the months of March to August (you find them here). A small but welcome step in the right direction.

Palmeiras’ B-side left last Wednesday for China, where tomorrow (Saturday) they will play a friendly against the Chinese National Olympics Team in the city of Tayuan. In addition to the game, the players and technical committee will exchange experiences and ideas with the Chinese on football-related activities in schools and universities. I have no idea to what extent this will bring anything fruitful to Palmeiras, but at least the squad surely will have a great experience.


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