Match of the year

In a few hours, Palmeiras receive América-MG at the Canindé Stadium. Believe it or not, but the game taking place before an expected 5.000 head strong [sic] crowd against the worst team of the Championship could be labelled “match of the year” for Palmeiras.

The collective meltdown at the Verdão is obvious. Kleber might not be the smartest chap in town, but he speaks his mind; his attack on fellow teammates last Sunday did him no good but he also revealed the general feeling of discontent that the squad is nurturing toward Scolari and the way he’s been handling the team, both off but particularly on the pitch. An attempt was made on Wednesday to clear the air, as the squad and coaches sat down behind closed doors to talk things through. The meeting was apparently a failure and the atmosphere at Palmeiras went from bad to worse.

América have not won a single away game this season. Palmeiras are ten points behind the leader and only two points from the Libertadores Cup classification zone. A convincing win today, and we could still dream of a recovery. A draw or a loss, and the walls will come tumbling down. Key to success lies in Valdivia and/or Pedro Carmona having an inspired evening.

— ooo —

While there are suicidal tendencies at one end of the scale, at the other end we see preparations for one hell of a party. Turns out WTorre, the constructor of the New Arena, is preparing a surprise event for this coming Thursday.

The event, with a price tag of approximately USD 170.000, will include the presentation of a new miniature model of the New Arena, as well as several changes to the administrative buildings. It’s also expected that WTorre will announce several new partnerships, including a high-profile deal with AEG – a leading international sports and entertainment company.  

As I’ll be in the state of Roraima all of next week for work, I’m not that concerned about my invitation not yet having arrived.

Welcome to Palmeiras – never a dull moment.

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