Atlético Goianense 1-1 Palmeiras – crash and burn

Ahead of Sunday’s game against Atlético Goianense, a draw was not considered a bad result. But as the game itself progressed, with Palmeiras leading 1-0 in half time and Atlético playing most of the second half two men short, the result turned into a disaster as Palmeiras put on a rare, almost singular display of collective cowardice, mental weakness and apathy.

A furious Scolari called it “the worst embarrassment of his life”. Some players echoed the shame, while others tried to shrug it off with a “such is life, such is football” attitude.

Will the team be able to bounce back in time to at least fight for a spot in next years’ Libertadores Cup (mind you, only two points separate us from that goal) or is this the beginning of a journey down the darkest of pits? Things are not looking good as even Scolari seems clueless and ready to throw in the towel. Next Sunday’s game against desperate Atlético Mineiro will certainly provide some answers.


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