26 August – Day of the Green Tsunami

Today, the 26 August, I’m watching Palmeiras vs. Vasco da Gama (second leg, South America Cup) streamed live on my laptop. Yes indeed: I do have the privilege to watch our Verdão play on their 97th anniversary, as the clock is well past midnight here in Norway. Thus: PARABÉNS, PALMEIRAS!

Ever since 2006, and as a result of an initiative by Marcelo Santa Vicca, palmeirenses commemorate the day by wearing their team jerseys in numbers so impressive that the phenomena has become known as The Green Tsunami, O Tsunami Verde.

Palmeirense: take part, wherever you are!



EDIT: The Beautiful Game is also a cruel game. Jumar, a former Palmeiras player, found a goal he’s never before and never again will find in one of Vasco’s very few opportunity against Palmeiras. The Verdão was looking great early on in the second half with 2-0 on the scorecards thanks to Luan and Kleber, but the unfortunate goal forced Palmeiras to score an additional two, as Vasco won the first leg 2-0. The task proved too difficult, with Valdivia hitting the goalpost and Assunção stuffing the net on stoppage time. Final score: Palmeiras 3-1 Vasco da Gama. Palmeiras eliminated from the South America Cup anno 2011.

Reload. On Sunday we go skunk hunting.


  1. Tomorrow

    PALMEIRAS 3 X 0 TRASH (corinthians)



    HE HE HE


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