Gameweek in review: 20-26 September

On Wednesday, Palmeiras beat Grêmio Prudente 0-1 in a seriously uninteresting game. Last Saturday, the team performed much better and convincingly returned home with another three points from the clash with Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro. With two goals from Kleber, again showing great form, the game against Flamengo also marked the return of Lincoln, absent for the last 14 games due to an injury to his thigh. He entered the pitch in the second half and sealed Palmeiras’ victory after a precise pass from Rivaldo.

While commemorating his goal in front of the supporters, Lincoln repeatedly kissed the club badge of his shirt: possibly in response to rumours that he had been in no hurry to get back in playing form, especially as the club owns him money. Expressing this kind of love for the club is perhaps not unusual, but in any case a very serious business; I really hope Lincoln means it, for his own sake. Supporters don’t take mercenaries lightly.

The games of the week – and in particular Saturday’s – deserve more profound comments. However, I will leave this as is. More important issues await. Stay tuned for updates to follow.

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